Welcome to Eastman

The Eastman Group has always believed strongly in the concept of constant innovation, and this vision has seen it emerge as one of India's most respected and successful business conglomerates. The Eastman Group has traced a route of growth that spans through four continents (60 countries). The turnover of Eastman group is 110 million USD with annual growth of 28% p.a. In the face of trying economic challenges in recent times, the Eastman Group has steered India's ascent in the global map through its unwavering focus on sustainable development.

Our chairman Mr. Jagdish Rai Singal gave shape to his vision in 1970 by forming what was to become the Eastman Group. He envisaged India as an independent strength politically, economically and socially. In order to become a force that the world has to reckon with, the Eastman Group has always ventured into path breaking territory and pioneered developments in industries. The Eastman Group has business operation in several defined sectors Materials, Engineering, Two wheelers and Automotives.

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